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Wildcard SSL certificate is our own product powered by our Strategic Partner. We sell SSL in large volume and have significant discounts which we pass to you, which makes our Wildcard SSL one of the cheapest in the World keeping the great quality.

Our Wildcard SSL comes with unlimited server licensing, unlimited protection of sub-domains, unlimited and free reissues within the lifecycle of your order as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. We supply SSL in both versions ECC and RSA with no extra price. Use Wildcard SSL when you have multiple sub-domains to protect like mail.domain.tld, client.domain.tld, shop.domain.tld as well as domain.tld itself. Use Multi-Domain SSL in case you have less than 3 sub-domains


Wildcard SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates with Wildcard support allows protecting the unlimited number of sub-domains under the same base domain. CSR should be generated in format *.domain.tld as a common name. In that case, you will have a protection of domain.tld, www.domain.tld or any other sub-domain. Please note, Wildcard SSL do not protect multiple levels at the same time, so you can issue SSL to *.domain.tld OR *.sub.domain.tld, but not *.*.domain.tld at the same time. Our Wildcard SSL comes with unlimited server licensing and that allows installing SSL to as many servers or devices as you need with no extra fee.


Site Seal logo for FREE

GoGetSSL® Wildcard SSL certificates come with Free Site seal logo to help you boost trust of each visitor and as a result increase conversions or credibility to your brand. We supply seal in multiple design variations to fit the style of your website. Add seal to most common pages of your website to show visitors their data are safe. Preview example of one of the available site seals by our brand.


Quick SSL validation

Domain validation SSL is the quickest way to protect your website as it takes around 5 minutes to receive SSL after successful validation of domain ownership. We offer major validation methods as HTTP Hash File, DNS CNAME record and standard e-mail validation via administrator@domain.tld, admin@domain.tld, webmaster@domain.tld, postmaster@domain.tld or hostmaster@domain.tld


Boost Google rating with SSL

Now every trusted SSL certificate increase website rank thanks to Google updates in the search algorithm. That is the easiest and legal method to help your website receive more traffic from Google and other search engines. We believe Google would make more updates soon to give preference to trusted websites and verified companies.


Compatible SSL

Trusted and strong SSL certificate comes with compatibility with up to 99.6% browsers and mobile devices, that makes our SSL so popular as they have no issues in daily usage. Please note, poor SSL compatibility would fail protection of your website on some browsers or devices. We have published most common devices supported by our SSL certificates.


SSL certificates comparrison

It is for sure hard task to select right SSL certificate even to advanced users and system administrators. That is why we spent hours to prepare a complete list of all features comes with every SSL we sell. Now, the selection should be much easier. Please note, the price should be not the major selection factor, as sometimes cheap SSL certificate may have more features than an expensive one.

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