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Namesforus™ BusinessTrust Wildcard SSL is a business validation SSL with company name, address, and phone number verification. SSL certificates issued by us use root certificates of our strategic partner Sectigo CA, that makes our certs trusted by up to 99,6% of browsers, mobile devices and server software. You should have no doubts ordering SSL from us as it comes with 250,000$ warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

Wildcard SSL allows protecting unlimited sub-domains of your main domain name under unlimited servers, IP addresses, and devices. We allow using both algorithms at once ECC and RSA to establish the strongest protection of your website. Every SSL comes with unlimited free reissues and day and night support from our team


Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL was developed to help customers protecting all their sub-domains within the same domain. Most website owners use sub-domains for Mail services (mail.domain.tld/autodiscover.domain.tld), to protect client area or shopping cart (my.domain.tld/cart.domain.tld/shopping.domain.tld) and many other options. When you use single domain SSL per each sub-domain you have to manage multiple CSR/Private Keys, control SSL expiration periods and reserve numerous IP addresses if SNI technology not in use. Wildcard solves all that problems as requires only one CSR for all sub-domains and base domain


Company verification

Your company should pass verification process by certification center in order to get OV wildcard SSL certificate with complete organization validation including name, address and phone number. Visitors would be able to check organization details if the click to green lock in the address bar, that helps increase conversions as your company receives more trust. Verification takes a few working days but may take longer in difficult situations and some regions. It is possible to get issued SSL within one working day if you use LEI code. Our company is the official GLEIF Registration agent


Site Seal logo

BusinessTrust Wildcard SSL equipped with Dynamic Site seal logo. You can install that logo within few minutes to your website and start getting additional trust from every visitor. That is natural way to build solidity of your company and services. We know that prospective customers do care about such visual indicators when making decissions. Preview example of one of the available site seals by our brand.

Improve Website Google Rank

The Google company made significant changes in their ranking algorithm in order to help the internet become more safe, as now every website with SSL certificate from trusted CA (Certificate Authority) would be ranked higher compared to websites without active SSL. That gives you a legal way to improve website SEO


SSL compatibility

We use Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA) Root certificate and that give our SSL certificate to offer highest 99.6% browser and mobile device compatibility. That is one of the highest results on the market. SSL is nothing without, when not supported by the browser and mobile device, it would show an error message to the visitor and would prevent of loading your website. Don't lose visitors and use trusted SSL certificates


Compare Wildcard SSL

Do you know the difference between SSL certificates? We would tell you the truth, even advanced system administrators are lost when they need to select the proper SSL certificate. We solved that problem by publishing the most detailed SSL comparisons in the Internet, use it to make the right decision.

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