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SSL certificates are used to secure communications between a website, host or server, and end users who are connecting to that server. An SSL certificate confirms the identity of the domain name e.g. www.namesforus.com that is operating the web site, encrypts all information between the server and the visitor and ensures the integrity of the transmitted information. Apart from encryption of sensitive data, SSL Certificates also strengthen brand identity, activate HTTPS and lock icon, comply with PCI Standards as well as increase SEO ranking.

We have domain validated, organization validation, extended validation, wildcard SSL certificates and of course multiple domains certificates available. Every certificate comes with the green lock in the address bar and website ranking improvement in Google Search engine. With EV certificates you get even more instant trust via green address bar with your verified company name.

SSL protocol is one the most powerful way to protect your traffic against hackers and criminals. Remember, losing sensitive data of your customers means their losing trust!

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