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BusinessTrust SSL is our own product developed in co-operation with Sectigo CA. It is a business verification certificate created to protect websites with strong 256-bit encryption with robust ECC and RSA algorithms. We are the first company who use LEI codes during verification to speed-up the process. Using LEI you can get SSL within one business day. Our SSL are trusted by 99.6% browsers and mobile devices and make us issue a true premium SSL certificate.

Business validation SSL verifies company/organization name, address and phone number (optional). OV SSL increase trust and credibility of each website and its services. BusinessTrust SSL allows protecting Public IP addresses. It comes with unlimited free reissues, you can install it to as many servers as you want. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for any reason, and yes, as any trusted SSL certificate our product would boost Google rank for your website

Namesforus™ Trust Logo feature

We provide two site seal logos, a regular one, and Corner Trust logo; Both are perfect trust boosters as all your visitors would instantly point their attention that you think about their data safety. Trust to a website is a trust to your brand or services and it is a natural way to increase conversions. Preview example of one of the available site seals by our brand


Organization verification

The business validation includes 3 phases: domain ownership verification via email or alternative methods, business verification via QIIS (Government) data bases or LEI/DUNS numbers and automatic callback process to verified phone number. The process may sounds complicated and that is why we prepared a validation guide to help you better understand the poccesses. 


SEO improver

We are glad to announce that Google Inc has changed their search engine algorithm and now all SSL certificates with valid and trusted SSL receive higher ranking in search results. That is the simplest and absolutely legal option to improve SEO rank naturally


Powerful Compatibility

One of the most important features of the SSL, after encryption strength, is compatibility. BusinessTrust SSL offers 99.6+ browser and mobile device compatibility and support. Please check the complete list of all compatible browsers and devices


Compare Business SSL

We provide one of the most detailed SSL comparisons available today in order to help millions of people to make the right decision. We know that sometimes it is a hard task even to advanced users. Various of SSL may confuse as the price range is too wide. Free advice, don't look at the price, sometimes a cheaper product may have more features.

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