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Selection of True BusinessID SSL certificate is the right decision in case you need a professional solution for your organization; GeoTrust mainly targeted to business customers and government entities. Website visitors will know that the website is well-protected with a certificate from a known brand issued by DigiCert CA. GeoTrust SSL certificates come with 256-bit encryption and 2048 bit root protection.

It takes 1-3 business days to get issued an SSL certificate, and it is possible to order SSL for up to six years with high 1,250.000$ warranty amount. You can manage the issued SSL certificate via our SSL Management Platform or DigiCert CertCentral. All certificates come with unlimited server licensing, so it's possible to install SSL to as many IP's and devices you want without additional cost.

New FLEX Technology

Amazing option for products with new FLEX feature allowing to protect standard single domains, sub-domains, Public IP addresses and even Wildcard domains at once. Historically there were separate Multi-domain (SAN) and Multi-Domain Wildcard certificates not allowing to have different types of SAN's. Now you can mix Wildcards, IP addresses, and standard domains, paying different prices per item. Check out more about Flex certs.


Up to 250 SAN items

Thawte Web Server Certificate allows purchasing up to 250 additional SAN items. Each SAN (Subject Alternative Name) item may support domain, sub-domain or even Wildcard. Secure most of your websites/platforms with the same SSL certificate.


Business validation

You need to pass the business validation process to get issued True Business ID SSL certificate. It has three main phases, domain validation via email, organization validation via local public government databases and callback using the phone number from local yellow pages. It is also possible to make validation using DUNS, Hoover's databases or LEI code, and it will speed up the process. It takes two or three workings days in most cases, but a sometimes process can be stuck for a longer time if there will be a not clear situation. Check Business validation process if you need more information.


Bonus feature

Professional SSL certificates always equipped with dynamic site seal logos that increase trust and conversions. Verified information appears once you click to seal logo; organization name, address and 1,250.000$ warranty will appear inside seal check. Gain more confidence in your brand and services. Check how GeoTrust seal looks like.


Boost SEO ranking

Google Inc. has announced changes in search engine algorithm. Now all websites with active SSL certificates installed gain more trust and higher ranking positions. That is minor improvements to your site rankings. We believe that Business and Extended Validation certificates ranked higher than Domain validation products.


Powerful compatibility

GeoTrust, as one of the most known brands, issued by DigiCert CA, invest much power to browser compatibility on as many devices as possible including mobile devices. Today, GeoTrust offers 99% powerful compatibility with every single device. Take a few moments to check the list of supported devices.


Compare GeoTrust SSL

GoGetSSL offers quite a wide range of SSL certificates, and it becomes a trouble to choose the right one. Our professional engineers prepared one of the best SSL comparison tables available today. Just a few minutes, and you will have a strong vision of what SSL to order. Take a look at GeoTrust SSL comparison.


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