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Registering a .ss domain means the extension of you website will have .ss meaning this extension is only for businesses and companies in South Sudan

In South Sudan we have the following domain names available for registration specifically for organizations located in South Sudan only.
• – for commercial  companies in South Sudan
• – for educational institutes in South Sudan
• – for nonprofit making organizations in South Sudan
• – for network entities in South Sudan
• – for Government of South Sudan entities

Here are a few simple steps on how you can register a .ss domain

  • Choose the preferred domain name and do a WHOIS search for the name to find out its availability
  • Login to enter the preferred domain name.
  • Pay for the domain name.
  • Enjoy your new domain name.

After registering the domain you can use it for various purposes for instance emails which bear the domain name which in return publicize the company or business.

Importance of having a .ss domain

  • If you are transacting business in South Sudan, it would be advisable to register your dot company’s name or brand name to prevent any other person or organization from registering it. This prevents another entity from masquerading.
  • To apply for Government Tender you need a .ss domain
  • Helps improve the SEO.

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