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The DigiCert Basic OV Flex SSL Certificate offers a great range and customizability to find the most affordable mixture of domains to fit your needs. With the new flex feature, you can mix and match up to 250 standard or wildcard domains. And the best part is you can secure as many you want now OR later all under one certificate – making certificate management convenient and simple. It supports both RSA and the strongest ECC ( Elliptic Curve Cryptography) encryption algorithms.

SSL comes with Priority verification, 1,250.000$ warranty, and of course unlimited free reissues. 24-hour support seven days a week provided by the DigiCert professional team.

New FLEX Technology

Amazing option for products with new FLEX feature allowing to protect standard single domains, sub-domains, Public IP addresses and even Wildcard domains at once. Historically there were separate Multi-domain (SAN) and Multi-Domain Wildcard certificates not allowing to have different types of SAN's. Now you can mix Wildcards, IP addresses, and standard domains, paying different prices per item. Check out more about Flex certs.

SAN support enabled

DigiCert Secure Site SSL has the option to add up to 250 SAN (Subject Alternative Name) items for an extra price. That makes that product even better, as you can secure all your corporate websites with just one SSL. Each SAN element can secure domain OR sub-domain. By default Secure Site supports both with/without WWW for the primary domain name only.

Paperwork required

Business validation means you may need to provide company documents to certification center, in most cases they ask Article of Incorporations to identify your business. Local offices and agents assist within verification; that manually check your company within local databases to make the process goes smooth. Kindly take a look at our validation manuals prepared by sales managers.

Norton Secured™ Seal

Unique products require different features, that is why DigiCert Secure Site Pro certificate comes with most featured Site Seal. DigiCert seal receives around 800 million impressions a day from 170+ countries. Check how DigiCert seal looks like.

Improve website rank in Google

DigiCert Basic OV (Flex) is the unique product as it has both Seal-in-Search to maximize click-through and conversions and Google SEO booster. Every SSL certificate increases rankings to your website since Google Inc. announced minor updated to search algorithm. There is no more so excellent product available in our store.


Compatible with 99.99% devices

Basic OV SSL shows fantastic results within compatibility with mobile devices and browsers. It is compatible with almost 100% (99.9%) known devices. That means your SSL will be trusted and working everywhere for everyone. List of devices tested.


Compare SSL certificate

To be honest, OV SSL (Flex) is one of the most expensive products we sell, and we know the price is not the major factor selecting the best product. DigiCert comes without unlimited server licensing; sometimes it can be crucial. Please, take a time and compare your SSL to other products before making any purchase.


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